Hi there, I'm Rob, the creative mind behind KAZAD. Thanks for dropping by!

About three years ago, my roommate invited me to join her Dungeons and Dragons (DND) group. Being a fantasy and games enthusiast, I couldn't resist. Excitedly, I crafted my character and set out to find the perfect dice to complement it. To my surprise, there was nothing out there that matched what I envisioned. Faced with this dilemma, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own dice.

After weeks of research, numerous experiments, and a fair share of failures, I successfully crafted my first set of dice. The process was so enjoyable that I decided to share my creations with the world. Over the past three years, I've dedicated myself to perfecting the art of dice-making to bring you a higher quality product.

I understand how crucial it is to have a unique set of dice that reflects your player character, and I hope you find something special among my creations. What initially started as a hobby for gamers has transformed into a daily passion, and I'm excited to share that passion with you!